Who is DMP for?

DMP is for anyone seeking therapy and the opportunity to work through troubling feelings and experiences. It may be particularly helpful for those who enjoy movement, dance or drama, or for those who find talking difficult. It is suitable for people of all levels of mobility and no previous dance experience is necessary.

Clinical trials have shown that arts therapies such as DMP have a positive effect on those living with depression, schizophrenia and medically unexplained symptoms.

What happens in a session?

Sessions usually take place weekly for one hour at an agreed time, and will be a combination of talking and movement: whichever you are comfortable with. You may choose to work with or without music; I may move with you or support you by witnessing your own exploration. The session will finish with a reflection of your experience.

Using this pattern we’ll build a supportive therapeutic relationship to help you explore your feelings and experience of being in the world.

Sarah Williams | Dance Movement Therapy


Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy https://admp.org.uk

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