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Wellbeing Through Creativity and Movement

Do you feel less stable amidst the uncertainties around our lives and health, even while you work to support more vulnerable people?

The current situation has made many of us feel isolated and disconnected from the sources of support that social connection provides, whether private or professional. This workshop offers personal reconnection and resilience through the use of guided movement and reflective creative tasks, as well as practical tips for self-care.

You'll need a private space in your home to move, and to be able to access Zoom ideally on a laptop. No movement experience necessary. Maximum of 8 participants.

Contact Sarah to find out details of the next workshop, or sign up to the mailing list below.

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Embodiment, Creativity and Wellbeing 

for people who work with people

Nearly all of us work with people to a greater or lesser extent. The new world of working from home (WFH) means that we may be more over-stretched than ever as teams are slimmed down and fewer people have to take on more roles.  The ‘traditional’ face-to-face work environment can be emotionally draining as we inevitably absorb the feelings and emotions of those we work with and support. The new WFH environment has the added complication of supporting colleagues or vulnerable people while we also manage  our own isolation.


I’ve developed this wellbeing workshop into an hour long session which I offer via Zoom, to fit easily into the working day.  Contact me to discuss how I can support the wellbeing of you and your colleagues or office members, department, team or association.   

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