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Dancers by Isobel Williams (artwork)
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Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) recognises body movement as a form of communication and expression. Movement, dance and rhythm are some of the most accessible ways in which we find connection with others. 

DMP sessions provide the opportunity to explore forms of self-expression in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment.


I am a qualified dance movement psychotherapist and experienced educator offering individual and group therapy in person in London, England. 

I work from the understanding that words alone are sometimes inadequate for expressing the feelings and emotions that we experience as humans in our everyday lives. Creative expression through movement provides a rich alternative vocabulary. My experience has shown me that insights and options occur when we move; lifting and adjusting the gaze can help to see things differently.

I offer you a supportive and safe space in which to work through whatever challenges you are facing, through movement, talking, or even drawing.

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I offer individual therapy sessions in Gloucester Road in London. I also offer group therapy sessions and wellbeing sessions by arrangement. For more details, please go to my Services page.


Please use the contact form below to book an initial session or to enquire about a group session.

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Contact Me

Please get in touch to make an enquiry or arrange an initial assessment session.

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